Paulina Polkowska

Photographing retreats and consciousness journeys

fotografía de retiros y viajes en barcelona

People are made of stories.
In the end, the only things we take with us are stories.

I document the experiences of participants in retreats. I include images that tell their story from beginning to end, being deeply respectful of the processes the participants go through and their intimacy.

I create excellent graphic material to promote your retreats: photos, audio-visuals and, soon, also in physical support.

It will be a record of the experiences lived.

A gift for all those who take part in the retreat (I like to give the participants at least part of the photos, although this will always be your decision) – on the one hand, it will be an unforgettable memory for them. On the other, it is the only way they will be able to see themselves through a different set of eyes. They will see how they really lived it and how it was seen from the outside.

Think about promotion and reaching more people with your work. Think about how your clients will benefit. Do what most retreats are yet to do:


Give the whole visual story to your clients and make them relive the experience, telling more people about it.

Give professional, soulful images, instead of a bundle of uniform, repetitive photos taken with a phone, which will be regarded with less affection and soon forgotten.

Count on someone who can turn fleeting feelings and sensations into something tangible. Someone who can be the link in the creative process between organisers and assistants.

What you get

  • Communication via email, telephone or Skype (whichever is most convenient) before the retreat. We will establish the goals of the session; I will learn about your ideas and we will bring our visions together. If the project so requires it, we may establish a meeting to get to know each other. *the contract – I only work with contracts in which both parts know when and what they will get (image rights, etc.)
  • Photographs of the activities previously agreed on with the facilitator
  • Photographs of the place (spaces, landscape, surroundings) to put the event into context
  • Photo editing (in the line with the style you can see on my website and social network profiles)
  • Files in high resolution and web resolution via
  • 1, 2 or 3 revisions (ask about options)
retreats and conscious journeys photography in barcelona


Once we have agreed on the goals, the dates and the budget, I will send you a detailed contract. Once you have made the down payment, I will book the dates and times agreed. Until then, I will be at your disposal for any questions.

*Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. I will answer with due care and we will be able to communicate in whatever way (email, phone, WhatsApp) works best for both of us. We will decide on how best I can help you and get down to work!


I will offer a printed portfolio with the best 20-30 photos. These will tell the story of each retreat or journey so that your clients may see in a tangible way the value that you will offer them in future editions (perfect to promote yourself at talks, events, networking events, or whenever you don’t have the possibility of showing digital photos or slides).

retreats and consciousness journeys photography in barcelona
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