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Soulful places

Espacio interior

Espacio Interior may have a director (Jorge Antonio Larruy), but in reality, it is more of a community which brings together people with the same (or at least similar) spiritual interests, and who seek to reconnect with their own being. The centre, located on Calle Madrazo in Barcelona, offers not only participation in daily meditation, but also emotional re-education, inner child and more advanced courses, as well as a variety retreats for those wishing to live a more intense experience. For those not always able to attend the centre physically, there are also online courses and meditations and a thorough bibliography which allows you to further life’s potential by reading at home or wherever else it may please you.

Cabanes Dosrius

Cabanes Dosrius is an extraordinary, magical experience. This rural accommodation, consisting of treehouses in the midst of the forest, is only a few kilometres away from Barcelona, in Dosrius. The area is right between the interior of the Maresme and the Vallès Oriental.

Cabanes Dosrius, in the middle of the Montnegre-Corredor natural park, invites us to enjoy a unique, sustainable, fun and eco-friendly activity. You can come with your partner, family, a small group of friends or also come alone, giving yourself time to reconnect.

Not only does this hotel stand out for its originality, it also boasts endless activities and details. Amongst them, special home-made dinners with local, ecological, seasonal produce; all the details such as good cava, flowers or chocolates; a space for massages; bike rental; and beautiful landscapes to discover and savour. All of this run by warm-hearted, kind people, dedicated to their project and their clients.

Las casas dels llacs

La Casa dels Llacs is a beautiful, magical place located in Breda, a village of the Montseny area, between Barcelona and Girona. It is a non-profit which has space to organise activities (mostly retreats) related to personal and spiritual growth, self-knowledge, sustainability, etc.

In the midst of the forest and the Montseny mountains, the house and its residents (family, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, two horses and a pony) welcome you, whether you come alone, with your partner, in a small group, or whether you would like to organise a retreat or a small event.

For the latter, there is a 100-square-metre room for courses and workshops, as well as the 150-square-metre space which houses and sleeps the groups. It is also where the delicious meals (vegan or vegetarian) are eaten.

Casa dels Llacs has hosted a variety of workshops and training sessions: different types of retreats, Yoga, Reiki, meditation, crystal bowl concerts, Gestalt, Systemic Family Constellations, Circles of Sound, tantric massage and many more.

The Montseny area has a very special energy; from the moment you arrive at the meeting point, you leave the city behind you and connect with the true essence of things.

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Nour MitiShamba

This welcoming, warm therapy centre is in the heart of Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood. Here, we can relax, work on ourselves, train, study, learn and even teach. Nour MitiShamba offers workshops, training sessions (Neuro-linguistic Programming, coaching) as well as therapies (psychotherapy, hypnosis), energetic techniques (Reiki) and body techniques (osteopathy, foot reflexology).

Apart from this wide range of therapeutic and energetic courses, they also rent rooms to therapists and trainers of therapist.

Cuerpo & Alma

Cuerpo & Alma is holistic therapist Cristina Santiago’s clinic. It is a place where you can learn about your body’s needs, relax, learn and let yourself be helped to detox and return to your balance. Amongst its specialities are pressotherapy, chiropractics, Bach flower remedies and Ayurvedic therapies. It also organises natural cosmetics workshops that help you look after your skin and hair without using chemical products and toxins. All of this in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, full of empathy and humanity. Not only is Cristina a great professional thanks to her knowhow; she is also a wonderful person who is always there to help others and who possesses an enormous capacity to listen to people.

Espai Natural

Carolina Zen and her team of therapists run this space that guides you to conscious wellbeing and natural beauty. Espai Natural specialises in Natural Treatments for pregnant women, babies, children and adults. It offers its clients the possibility to improve their ability to feel on all levels, thanks to the sensory experience their treatments provide. Kobido, craniosacral therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki or auriculotherapy are only a few of the wide range of activities on offer. It is also an eco-friendly place, highlighting the philosophical coherence of this project which aims to live in Harmony and Peace, not only with ourselves and others, but with the Planet itself. Espai natural is in Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood, right next to Poblenou metro station.

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