Paulina Polkowska

Photographing events and spaces

fotografía de eventos y espacios en Barcelona

No story is small
when we look at it close up

I photograph courses, dance lessons, corporal therapies and also workshops on natural cosmetics, cooking, yoga, meditation, entrepreneurship and personal development. I also take pictures of the places where they take place, soulful rural hotels and other conscious businesses.

It is about documenting experiences lived in community, On the one hand, to transmit and show what your clients will encounter in the next editions and, on the other, to leave a record of the essence of your work.

As a rule, I avoid poses and prepared situations. Instead, I will give you a photo-report containing the pictures that tell the whole experience, from beginning to end. In the case of places, I show the soul and charm of the place, and highlight its strengths.


What you get

  • Communication via email, phone, WhatsApp or Skype (as is most convenient) to decide on the goal of the session – I would like to know your work and also know you, so that I can better transmit the essence of what you do and what you need; *the contract: I only work with contracts in which both parts know when and what they will get (image rights, etc.)
  • Live photographs of the event, workshop or session (the people, their emotions, reactions and interactions, etc.)
  • Photographs of the place to put the event into context
  • Photo editing (in the line with the style you can see on my website and social network profiles)
  • Files in high resolution and web resolution via
  • 1-2 revisions (ask about options)
events and spaces photography in barcelona

If you are interested...

I can cover various workshops, courses or activities in a month or year instead of just one session. For these cases, I offer Event photography packs (which can also be combined with a portrait session).

Once we have agreed on the goals, the dates and the budget, I will send you a detailed contract. Once you have made the down payment, I will book the dates and times agreed. Until then, I will be at your disposal for any questions.

*Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. I will answer with due care and we will be able to communicate in whatever way (email, phone, WhatsApp) works best for both of us. We will decide on how best I can help you and get down to work!

events and spaces photography in barcelona
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