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AfroYin Workshop

This incredibly energetic and emotional workshop was organized by creators of the AfroYin method Ana Carrera and Azul Ochoa at their school AIMA – Escuela de Conciencia. The workshop is part of an annual experiential training for Personal and Energetic Development. The training itself offers a deep process of self-knowledge and invites the expansion of consciousness through the experience of the body, movement and dance. Participants walk a path where they feel accompanied by the strength and union of the group, facilitators and therapists, becoming a driving force for change and healing in their life.

The chance to work on this workshop has been a gift to me – the energy channelled by Ana and Azul has been so intense and pure at the same time. The group that by then had been travelling together for almost a year transmitted peace, joy, acceptance and an enormous amount of beauty.

Natural Cosmetics Workshops

Cristina Santiago’s Cuerpo y Alma centre, located in Badalona, organises a series of themed natural cosmetics workshops one Saturday a month. Using natural ingredients and reusable containers, not only is skin and body taken care of; a tiny contribution to the planet’s wellbeing is also made: no chemicals, no animal testing, no intoxication, no polluting the environment.

Each workshop focuses on a different set of cosmetics, such as facial gel, tonic and face cream; sunscreen, aftersun, and eau fraîche for face and body; or shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Participants receive all the information in dossiers, which include preparation method and formulas. During the workshop, Cristina expertly guides them through the process as they create the products they will take home. This workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in natural cosmetics and more conscious care, not requiring any prior knowledge of formulas or theory. Thanks to participants’ consciousness, enthusiasm and attitude, these workshops always take place in an environment of collaboration, good energy, group learning and interesting synergies.

Nourishing Professions Laboratories

These workshops for entrepreneurs have been a success since their first edition. Promoted by David Salgado and Verónica González, their main aim is to help their colleagues from the Master’s in Personal Development along the complex path of entrepreneurship. Over a few months, fortnightly sessions are held, allowing David and Verónica to monitor participants’ progress. Their approach is totally different to what you usually get nowadays. David and Veronica followed only one, albeit golden, rule: take action. There is little theory and a lot of practice. Homework is clearly defined and centred around each participant’s project, whilst also being useful to the group as a whole. Experiential dynamics are used, rather than endless hours of theory or attempts to sell you other courses. They focus on enjoying the path you are treading rather than overwhelming you with all the information you still don’t know or the skills you will need to develop for your dream project. Neither do they offer shortcuts nor cliché marketing promises and phrases – what counts here is pure ACTION, proactivity, enthusiasm and focus. Without losing sight of the overarching vision and goal, an atmosphere of great trust, listening, respect and motivation was created in a space where everybody teaches and learns from each other.

Círculos de hombres y mujeres (Circles of men and women)

El Cuerpo que Habla (the talking body) is an 8-month training given by Iurancha Foguet, a holistic therapist and dancer who urges us to immerse ourselves in a proposal for work both at body and energetic levels. Through the work with archetypes, dreams, writing, dynamics of movement and other creative body actions, we enter the very subtle and deep layers of our being. The journey that Iurancha proposes is to learn to better integrate masculine and feminine energies within each one of us, to become more intimate with our own temple (body) and to better understand ourselves and others through better listening, silence and the internal processes that accompany this transformation process.

Personal Brand Course

The Personal Brand course run by Erescambio in Barcelona offers its attendees (including people from other cities) the possibility of working on their project, business and personal brand in both a disciplined and enjoyable way. The one-day event was centred on the key concepts for the proper functioning of any personal and business brand, interspersing theory with practice. The participants not only gained new knowledge, but also a clearer vision of their brand and business. During the session, participants also established a very detailed structure, with suggested steps to take at certain dates, in order to make steadier and more significant progress. Without a doubt, a productive, enlightening Saturday which led to a great deal of relevant connexions, an important steppingstone on the way to entrepreneurship.

Training for therapists

Held at the Nour MitiShamba centre in Barcelona, this week-long training for therapists focuses on personal, mental, emotional and energetic work. Attendees were extremely dedicated to their personal, professional and internal process and learning. They were also really committed to the cohesion and process of the whole group, given that the group itself is another entity which this type of work linked to psychological processes creates. The trainers, Oriol and Iolanda, emanated the quality and human warmth that helped and strengthened the union and work of the group.

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