Paulina Polkowska

Professional images for soulful projects, bringing together conscious photography, personal development and spirituality

- Paulina Polkowska -
Emotional Photography for:
*Therapy and education professionals (therapists, coaches, trainers, mentors)
*Soulful entrepreneurs
*Emotional creatives
*Sustainable and conscious businesses
And anyone interested in personal growth and a more authentic life.

I live in Barcelona, but I can go wherever necessary for projects such as those mentioned above.

The mind works with limitations, but
the imagination has no limits.

If you are worried about:

  • not having professional images of your project (spaces, events, portraits, retreats) to use on your website and social media, or having a limited variety of them
  • not finding a professional who can transmit the essence of what you do and who you are through photos
  • not feeling relaxed or photogenic enough to pose and have nice, quality, professional and yet natural portraits

To know doesn't mean you feel it,
but to feel means you know it.

I help professionals of personal development, conscious wellness, soulful enterpreneurs and artists to transmit the essence of their labour through the emotional photography. For every person who loves the Beauty, Consciousness and Awareness in this Life and believe in our Self-Power.

  • Would you like your potential client to be moved by your work when they visited your website? Would you like them to feel the authenticity?

  • Are you interested in images that transmit closeness, emotion, warmth, empathy and professionality, instead of cold and distant photos?

  • Would you be more satisfied and relaxed if your website and social media profiles had more photos which you liked, that showed what you want and what you need, rather than using stock or phone photos?

My proposal is for natural, soulful photos; no poses. Photos which capture the essence of your project, your work and what you are about; photos which will make what you offer more attractive.

I can take photos of your therapeutic space, your centre, your office; you at work; your workshops, courses or training sessions, whether they are on personal development, spirituality or entrepreneurship; your retreats; and, obviously, your portrait so that your clients may know you.


I also offer:

An atmosphere of utmost trust and great respect towards the work we will do together.

We will have a fluid communication at every moment: you will know what you get and when (forget about waiting for weeks or months to receive your photos, or not knowing what stage the project is at).

The possibility of publicising your work/project/brand using the photos on my social media dedicated to Photography and Awareness.

In conclusion:

Caring and dedicatedly, I will see to all details.

I will guide you and use my photos to tell the story of what you do in a beautiful and unique way, visually stressing the true, intangible worth of your business.

If you love what you do, give it worth and have a purpose, you must show it to the world and make the world fall in love with your work.

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To be a photographer, you need to control framing and light
but you must also want to know the people.

What my clients say


I met Paulina at a retreat we did as part of the Master’s in Personal Development and Leadership, and I immediately saw in her an artist who was transitioning towards her vocation as a photographer. Already at the retreat she took some marvellous photos which she then sent me. I was lucky that she came to Espacio Interior, my centre, where she took some photos which are the ones that we have most used. She captured my being in that very moment, and it is a photo that reflects both myself and the work I do. As a photographer, Paulina has the ability to see the essence of things.

Antonio Jorge Larruy, director at Espacio Interior


We loved the session Paulina did for our training course. She is an excellent professional. In her photos she captures not only the physical movements, but also and foremost the emotional movement and intimacy.

Her photos transmit strength and vulnerability. Movement and stillness. LIFE

We value the respect and sensitivity with which she behaved at all times and her perfect adaptation to different work proposals. It is clear that she is somebody who has walked her own path of transformation, which shows in the way she looks and her disposition. We are very grateful for the way the sensitivity of her look and the brightness of her presence captured the essence of our work.

Azul Ochoa y Ana Carrera, founders of AIMA – School of Consciousness


I am really satisfied with the photos Paulina took for my website. She was immediately able to connect with the style and image that I needed for my project. It was a good decision to choose her: she is straightforward, direct and efficient.

Alicia Mateos, Reconnective Healing therapist


Paulina has done a marvellous job with my natural cosmetics workshops. She managed to capture all the detail and the beauty of every ingredient, product, student and moment. She has a gift for making everything she photographs more beautiful. Her sweet, simple, special, loving look has the ability to make you see the world through her eyes and it is wonderful. Her photography has soul.

Cristina Santiago, holistic therapist and founder of Cuerpo & Alma 


Not only does Paulina have a special way of seeing, sensitive and full of light, reflected in her moving pictures; she can also become invisible during the activities we organise while on retreat. She has the wonderful ability to always be everywhere, while also not being there. Besides, she bonds with everyone, making her part of the group and is an essential link between the participants, the organisers and the setting.

Patricia Sánchez, coactive coach and co-founder of Proyecto Antakarana

 @mv_coach  @proyecto_antakarana


Paulina’s magic is arriving to the essence of the place through photography. For us, being able to present our project in the most authentic and natural way was very important. Thanks to Paulina, this has been possible, easy and pleasant. We are very grateful that she has shared her gift with us.

Sandra Poyatos Larios, co-founder and group coordinator at Cabanes Dosrius


Paulina and I met in the first year of our degrees in Spanish in Warsaw. She is a brilliant person and a very professional photographer. In our last session, I had the chance to see her in her element. She is attentive, warm, communicative and very efficient; it has been a pleasure to be photographed by her. Paulina has a clear vision of her work, a great heart, lots of sensitivity and a distinct style, evident in her work. Through her photographs, she successfully transmits stories and emotions. I was very happy with the photographs and it was a great pleasure to encounter the beautiful soul that Paulina is.

Camila Aura Knight, singer, pianist and composer

 Ig: @camila.aura.knight

Yt: Camila Aura Knight


Paulina has magic in her eyes. Antakarana has collaborated with her on two occasions and, without any doubt, would do so again. Paulina transmits events with an indescribable charm, undoubtedly a reflection of her own beauty. Her photos are full of magic, grace and truth. They reflect the soul of each moment; the soul that every person is putting into that moment, that gesture. Pure beauty.

Carlos Bisbal Sanz, Co-founder of Antakarana project

 Ig: @proyecto_antakarana


Paulina works magic with the camera. She makes you feel so comfortable that you even forget the camera is there! Thanks to her sensitivity and her gentleness, she captures details and moments that are reflected in her pictures, gifting us memories that we will forever treasure.

Maria Ribas, Finance Adviser

How I work

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Who I am

My name is Paulina Polkowska and I am Polish photographer based in Barcelona. Originally an interpreter, I now specialise in documentary photography around personal growth and all the word Consciousness encompasses.

Vocationally, I have trained in different energetic and self-knowledge techniques (more in About me).

When I was very young, I suffered eating disorders (amongst them bulimia) for over a decade. This led to an obsessive need to know and understand everything about the body, the mind, feelings, psychotherapy and nutrition at all levels – in general terms, human psychology.

photography and cociusness

The driving forces of my healing throughout life have been creativity (writing, photography), movement and, last but not least, self-knowledge.

An inflexion point in my life was taking part in Borja Vilaseca’s Master’s in Personal Development and Leadership, during which an old way of seeing things slowly died away.

It was also then that the idea of this project was first conceived. During a creative brainstorming session at Mónica Fusté’s retreat in May 2018, my classmate Bianca asked me: Why don’t you photograph these experiences for a living? That question would change my professional and personal life.

Less than a year later, I gave up on my previous life. I quit my job, left my old business and even drastically changed habits, health and relationships. The idea crystallised, took shape and saw the light, all of which is thanks to all of you who are reading these words right now.


Creation and growth are inextricably linked. I want to help you not only with pretty images made by a professional; I want to help you too from the perspective of somebody who knows and understands your job and your world, because I have been there and have enough empathy and sensitivity to understand the processes that you are going through.

Let's do our bit to make this world a better place. Let's show your worthy work.

If you want to know more about my story and how I got to this project, go to About me.

photography and awareness

About me and the project

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Interview on Searching happiness

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